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Nowadays the word "Berserker" refers to anyone who fearlessly fights with a disregard for their own lives.  But the original Berserkr were shamanic warriors dedicated to a belief and relentless in their objective.


Our clients come to us because they have a problem they need to solve.  They need to reach their audience.  They need to deliver their message to them in the most effective way.


There are many "video guys" out there who can create beautiful imagery, slick editing and hilarious gimmicks.  But that may not solve your problem.  Berserker Creative knows audience.  And we pride ourselves on being able to effectively deliver your message to that audience.  And yes, we do that with beautiful imagery, slick editing and most importantly... story.  We don't push you to accept our ideas so we can feel like artists.  We will find the right approach and tell the right story for your brand, product or organization.  To "fight" with a disregard to our agenda, solely focusing on making the right movie for you.  Video has become the most effective way to reach an audience quickly.  Let us do that for you.


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